FEAR!! We’ve all dealt with it in the parkour community. Now is your chance to learn about overcoming that fear with one of the best practitioners in the world. DANIEL ARROYO! He’s coming to APEX Denver to teach seminars on how to control and overcome your fears.

There will be 2 seminars Sunday the 17th.

– The BEGINNERS seminar from 5:00pm to 6:30pm will cover basic fear control methods and learning how to deal with fear when training outside.

– The INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED seminar from 6:30om to 8:00om will cover dealing with fear when performing bigger and harder techniques. Students should have at least completed our level 1 course before attending this.

Each seminar will cost $25 for APEX members, $30 for non-APEX members.

Sign up for the seminar:

If you have any questions on which seminar you should attend, email Denver@APEXMovement.com with your parkour or athletic background and we’ll help you decide.

This is a great chance to train and learn from one of the best in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity. In case you don’t know what you will be missing, we’ll leave you with this: