Battle Ready Fitness

Battle Ready Fitness is based around the philosophy that there is a need to maintain a steady state of physical fitness that allows you to act/react in an array of scenarios that you may encounter in life – chosen or otherwise. It is our goal to provide you with the physical capacity to run significant distances, survive violent encounters, drag a family member from a burning building, climb mountains, rescue someone from drowning or create a solid foundation that will help you pursue whatever personal physical endeavors you choose, all the while helping you attain a new level of mental toughness. A large amount of focus is placed on mindset and developing an “iron will” mentality while supporting individual needs and developing a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. This preparation in the gym through our challenging workouts will allow you to perform where it really matters – outside of the gym!!

Jill Scott Aerial

Welcome to a different perspective on strength, endurance, challenge, and fun within this basic aerial acrobatics movement form. Within the walls of APEX Denver, we break down the fundamental movements and body conditioning elements of aerial into pleasant digestible pieces. Those pieces can be placed together to gain strength and add to an existing exercise regimen or woven together into a tangible performance piece. Our hopes are for our diverse student base to have the confidence and knowledge to walk into any class in any city and participate using the foundation we’ve provided them.

Your instructors:

Jill Scott: Lead instructor.

Jill attained her basic aerial instruction certification through NECCA’s Nimble Arts Training introductory instruction program. 4 years of continual practice and instruction while attending various institutions for classes and workshops have honed her skills.
Preferred Apparatus: Aerial Fabric

Judith Rojas

Judith is an active parkour practitioner and aerialist (what we lovingly refer to as a “cross dangler”). Her enormous physical strength coupled with her smooth controlled movements is absolutely astonishing to watch.
Preferred Apparatus: Aerial Fabric

Ananda Voecks

Ananda joined our program within the last year. Her roots began with the fascistic folks at Frequent Flyers in Boulder, Colorado. Ananda is gifted not only in her personal rope practice but as a very comprehensive instructor.
Preferred Apparatus: Rope

Lithic Nutrition


We foster the inclusion of insects in our diet as a supremely sustainable, nutritious protein source.


We choose to utilize domestic partners and small businesses for our packaging, ingredients, shipping solutions, and manufacturing space whenever possible. We are proud to support other small businesses in our arena. We drive for domestic growth and encourage local industry growth to positively affect our local communities. These choices help limit our carbon footprint and are in alignment with our sustainably-driven decision making process.

We are active volunteers in our community, and we believe giving back to society is every American’s civic duty. Although we volunteer on a personal level, we also volunteer as a business. Lithic is proud to work with No Kid Hungry and assist in fighting childhood hunger in our home state of Colorado. We also plan to become 1% For The Planet certified by March 2017, as we continue to improve the way we give back to our communities and planet.


Our consumers will have peace of mind knowing that our crickets are raised specifically for human consumption. Our crickets come from a facility that is FDA registered, practices Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and maintains a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.

When considering our products, we have our customers in mind. We’ve consulted with chemical engineers, nutritionists, medical professionals and food scientists to ensure our recipes deliver what we say, and back up the science with facts.

Action Spine and Sports Medicine

Action Spine & Sports Medicine is a conservative sports medicine clinic specializing in high-performance healthcare. The team at ASSM offers the most cutting-edge techniques in innovative and integrated sports medicine ranging from physiotherapy and athletic training to chiropractic care.

Understand that ‘high performance’ is an all-inclusive lifestyle. The primary disciplines include, but are not limited to, mental, nutrition, competitive performance, and recovery. This practice has chosen to focus on the healthcare component of recovery and performance, however, one cannot neglect the other disciplines.

CocoRidge Coconut Water

Born in Breckenridge, Colorado, CocoRidge was the inspiration behind a desire to educate people on the hydrating and rewarding benefits of coconut water.
Living an active lifestyle in the mountains, Helena Hollis, founder/CEO of CocoRidge water, sought after a solution to help people with lack of hydration and electrolytes—both crucial for proper nourishment at high elevations. From powder days on the mountain, to hiking, biking and other outdoor activities, CocoRidge is all about Rocky Mountain hydration; with a passion for an active mountain lifestyle and a mission to hydrate and educate.

Growing up surrounded by the natural food industry, Helena expresses her passion for high quality foods and proper nourishment through her product. As a young, female entrepreneur, she hopes to bring an edgy, sporty brand of coconut water into the energy drink sector. From sports-athletes, to kids, to adults, CocoRidge can inspire people to make the switch from sports drinks to 100% pure coconut water to energize and fuel their bodies.

Chocked full of natural electrolytes and hydration, 100% pure coconut water is just what the body craves to live the mountain lifestyle to the fullest.