Circus Classes

Our wide variety of circus classes are taught by the professional circus troupe Circus Foundry.  All of our circus classes are small group sessions tailored towards the complete beginner, but will scale in difficulty based on the capabilities of individuals in the classes.  Click here if you are looking for our aerial classes.

Adult Tumbling

Safely learn classic floor acrobatics on our spring floor, airtrack, foam pit, and pads. No prior experience necessary.

Chinese Pole

Learn climbs and flips on this thrilling and unique apparatus in a safe, padded environment. Please wear jeans, long sleeves, and multiple layers of clothing you don't mind stretching or tearing.


Gain strength and coordination to balance on your hands in a handstand and other inverted shapes.


Begin your juggling journey, or level-up to advanced patterns from instruction by professional jugglers.

Partner Acro

This isn't acro yoga.  Fly in the air or boost your training partner up with the dynamic lifts and counterbalances of true partner acrobatics.

Wall Trampoline

Add a whole new dimension to acrobatics with our wall trampoline class. Basic back drops and flips are recommended, join our Trampoline Basics class first if you are unsure if you qualify.

Trampoline Basics

Learn the fundamentals to safely begin learning trampoline jumps and tricks. Perfect if you are unfamiliar with acrobatics.

Circus Tots

This is a class for children walking ages 2-5. Parent or guardian shadows are requested to be in the class. 45 min class that starts with the most basic motor skills and introduces your child to the structure of a class.
Students must be reserved ahead of time for this class.