Parkour Classes

We offer a variety of classes designed for all ages and abilities, including youth, teen, adult, and low-impact for our 40+ community.

Apex is so much more than a gym, it feels like an amazing family. As an older adult, being able to partake in over 40+ classes is amazing. You forget as an adult how good it feels to just move and use your body.

Andrew Gaskins

Circus Training

Ditch the routine and join the circus! At APEX Denver, you can train alongside the amazing Circus Foundry and unleash your inner aerialist, acrobat, or juggling maestro. It's the perfect escape for anyone who crave a fun and unique workout for both youth and adults.

Apex is absolutely awesome!! They have so many options, from [...] aerial to contortion and flexibility.

Erin Fox-Smith

Tricking Training

Tricking is a mix between martial arts and acrobatics. This discipline fuses flips, kicks, and twists from martial arts and gymnastics into an insanely cool workout.

We brought our son in to learn a backflip but ended up joining. He loves the place and is getting a lot out of it. Physical growth is just the start, he's also learning how to push himself and focus on his goals.

Mike G.

Private Training

Get specialized one-on-one training from a world-class trainer and reach your goals in record time.

Top-of-the-line, passionate teachers.

Steve Hunter

Other Circus Skills


Learn how to juggle pins, balls, and a bunch of other objects. improve your hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and focus, while picking up some riveting party tricks.


Trampolines tricks are not only impressive, but they teach you how to move your body through the air - which can apply to everything from parkour to skiing to dance.


You don't need to come with a partner, but this is a great way to use your body as an instrument. build trust, improve communication, and build strength and coordination with another person.


Learn dives, flips, and other ground techniques found in gymnastics. Safely develop coordination, agility, and confidence while getting into amazing shape.


Apex Denver
#A5, 700 W Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80223


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