Ditch the ordinary workout and awaken your inner acrobat with our incredible circus training program! We offer an incredible variety of circus arts.

Apex Denver offers aerial silks, tumbling, juggling, partner acrobatics, handstands, and more – a thrilling journey that builds strength, control, and confidence.

Aerial Fabric (Silks)

Flow and defy gravity with climbs, wraps, drops, and inversions. Builds strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Acrobatics in a hoop that combines dance and gymnastics. You develop strength and artistry in the air.

Aerial Sling

Fun fusion of silks and trapeze. Builds strength, flexibility, and coordination in a playful way.

Aerial Straps

Build upper body strength and improve your grip strength. This intense aerial practice develops prowess and will push your limits.

Chinese Pole

Learn how to ascend, spin, climb and invert on a suspended pole. This class will develop your full-body strength and flexibility. Plus, it looks really cool.

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