Tricking Classes

Experience this trendy, new discipline which combines gymnastics, martial arts, capoeira, and breakdancing together into an aesthetic display of athleticism.

Adult Tricking

Our tricking classes emphasize the fundamental kicks and movements, which we build off of towards inversions and tricking combos.  No prior acrobatic or martial arts experience is necessary!

Youth/Teen Tricking

Finally learn that backflip and more! Our tricking classes for kids and teens safely teaches the progressions towards these spectacular moves without the dogma of gymnastics or hierarchy of martial arts.  We just focus on the cool stuff!

Intermediate Youth/Teen Tricking

Got some flips and kicks? Our intermediate class begins to introduce spinning inversions and more complicated combos for those kids and teens who've been training tricking, gymnastics, or martial arts.

Advanced Youth/Teen Tricking

Meant to advance kids and teens beyond the skills they can learn in other disciplines, this class teaches high-level skills unique to tricking to those with a solid foundation in their kicks, inversions, and combos.