Starting Monday October 21st, we are adding ALL SORTS OF STUFF!!! What kind of stuff you ask?? This kind of stuff…

New Youth Classes!
Our youth classes have gotten so popular that we are adding more classes on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays. We are expanding our youth program by adding a bunch of new classes to the schedule, further making it convenient to drop your kids off and let them burn off some energy from sitting in school all day! There are now youth parkour classes EVERYDAY!

Youth Open Gym
Our weekend Open Gym sessions are getting so popular, that we are offering separate Youth and Adult open gyms on Fridays and Saturdays!

Women’s Parkour
We are offering a women’s parkour class on Sundays at 4pm. For Teens and Adults.

New Adult Class
There is now a new Adult Level 1 class offered on Mondays at 7pm. Parents come stay in shape with your Teens on Mondays!

We added a new Adult Level 2 on Sundays at noon. The same time as Youth Level 1.

Gymnastics is expanding into Intermediate Gymnastics on Tuesdays (6pm) and Beginner Gymnastics on Thursdays (6pm).

Ukemi (the art of falling) For Parkour
Ukemi is now available on Sundays! Come fall all over the place (safely) all Sunday Funday.

Be sure to check out our schedule here for all the times and days.