Youth Students (ages 6-11)

Each student’s first youth class is FREE!! All of our youth classes are open scheduling (no start or end dates) so feel free to drop-in to any of our Youth Level 1 classes to give them a try. After the first class, youth students join with a monthly membership below.

Sign Up For Youth Level 1

Teen/Adult Students (ages 12+)

First time students, join us for a free Parkour Onboarding class. That’s right, FREE!! Parkour Onboarding is on Saturday afternoons at 12:00pm. Once you finish your Parkour Onboarding class, you can continue your parkour journey in our Intro to Parkour program listed below (buying your Intro membership on the same day as your Onboarding class will get you 20% off!!)

Sign Up For Parkour Onborading

Monthly Memberships

All youth students (ages 6-11) as well as Teens and Adults that have completed the Intro to Parkour program then sign up for monthly memberships. Monthly memberships start on the date of purchase and last for 1 month, date-to-date (if purchased on the 15th, membership will expire on the 15th of the following month).

Gold Membership

1 Month – $185.00

6 Months (Save 15%) – $943.50

12 Months (Save 25%) – $1,665.00

Silver Membership

1 Month – $155.00

6 Months (Save 15%) – $790.50

12 Months (Save 25%) – $1,395.00

Bronze Membership

1 Month – $90.00

6 Months (Save 15%) – $459.00

12 Months (Save 25%) – $810.00

Open Gym Membership

1 Month – $75.00

6 Months (Save 15%) – $382.50

12 Months (Save 25%) – $675.00

Drop-in Fees

If monthly memberships do not work for you, or if you are looking to simply try out the gym first, you may drop-in at any time.

  • $25 drop-in fee for class (Pay online or bring cash to ensure a quicker check-in process).
  • $10 drop-in fee for Open Gym, Flexibility, and PK Strength Training

Discounts and Special Offers

  • 10% off all monthly memberships for college students (with valid ID)
  • 10% off for each subsequent family member signed up for a monthly membership (First family member full price, second member 10% off, third 20%, etc.)
  • 10% off all monthly memberships when signing up for Auto-Pay (3 month minimum)
  • 25% off referral discount on monthly memberships for every new member you get to sign up for a membership
  • 25% off for all monthly memberships for military, law enforcement, and firefighters (with valid ID)

* Discounts and special offers do not apply to drop-in fees, 6-month, and 12-month membership packages.